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Since we started in 1989, we have issued medical certificates daily. With long experience and fast service, we have become the specialist in medical certificates in Stockholm. We make medical certificates for driving licenses Bus/Truck, Insurance company, Shipping (STCW Manila), Canceled trip, Driving license Taxi, Marathon, Tramway, Adoption, Night work, Parachute and Abroad (For example when studying abroad or certificates for visas or schools).
For a medical certificate on the Swedish Transport Agency’s standard template (driver’s license with higher authorization and shipping) the price is SEK 1195 incl. VAT.

The prices of all other medical certificates may vary depending on the fact that some forms may look different and contain different types of examinations/blood tests. We always recommend that you contact us to adjust the price for your medical certificate.

If the medical certificate you are looking for is not in the sample list above, you can easily upload your medical certificate form directly on our website and we will get back with a price proposal tailored to your particular medical certificate.

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When you come to visit us, you should bring identification, any medication list, medical history, glasses and other relevant documentation. This is to make it easier for both you as a patient and also for the doctor during the examination

What is included?

All our medical certificates include a thorough review of your health in order to ensure that the medical certificate is written with good information. If the doctor considers it necessary, it is also supplemented with blood and urine samples. We have our own blood sampling to minimize your wait for any blood samples.

Medical certificate – Driving license reception

The Stockholm Medical Office driver’s license reception is for those who need a medical certificate from the Swedish Transport Agency in the case of, for example, a driver’s license permit. You may also need a medical certificate from our driver’s license reception when renewing a higher authorization driver’s license (C/D/E, Bus and Truck) and taxi identification.

Medical certificates for higher authorization are sent digitally, which means that the Swedish Transport Agency receives your medical certificate from us already when you are sitting in the doctor’s office.

You do not need to bring any forms that the Swedish Transport Agency has sent you with you. We have all forms digitally in place.

What are the medical requirements for the different driving license privileges?

The Swedish Transport Agency divides the various driving license authorizations into three groups.

Group I: Includes driving license authorizations AM, A1, A2, A, B and BE as well as tractor authorization

Group II: Includes C1, C1E, C and CE

Group III: Includes D1, D1E, D and DE as well as TAXI

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